Timing Belt Repair Anchorage

Other items to Consider with your Belt Replacement.Unless you are stranded with a broken timing belt, the best mechanics will advise having the following parts replaced at the same time:

  • Water Pump
  • Tensioner
  • Idler Pulley
Belt Repair Anchorage Repair

It is a clear sign that if your belt breaks, these minor cost items will not be far behind as they are all controlled and operated by the timing belt.

Anchorage Mobile Mechanic will always recommend that you have these parts replaced when you call us for a timing belt replacement due to mileage. If these are not changed at the same time, and one item fails, your belt will fail in much the same was as if the belt had broken and the cost for your Timing Belt Repair Anchorage could now reach to a few thousand dollars.

Labor CostMany of the parts that should be changed at the same time you have a Timing Belt Repair Anchorage are a minimal cost, and any extra labor is also slight as to replace your belt means you also have to deal with those parts mentioned.

If you do not use a trustworthy mechanic, they can quote you on half the job, and once your car is in the garage, they can full well say you need an extra component which costs so much. To change this there would be additional labor costs which are not required, so it makes much sense to change everything at the same time.

Water PumpsThe function of your water pump is to keep the engine at the correct temperature and in the case of this failing, regardless of a belt problem or not; there is the chance your car could overheat and cause significant damage to the engine.

Anchorage Mobile Mechanic can change your water pump and pulleys at the same time as you break down and require a Timing Belt Repair Anchorage to get you back on the road with the full knowledge your engine will perform without worry of overheating.